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Leaders are Relational

“Leadership rises and falls on relationship.”
– Scott Holman

What We Do

We help professionals feeling stuck or unfulfilled in their career discover their calling, design their mission, and develop the skills to grow them into relational leaders that accomplish their goals, are respected and appreciated by peers, and earn high incomes. Whether you consider yourself an aspiring professional or entrepreneur, we help you succeed on your terms and become Master of Your Show. These relational leaders understand that business success is built on the foundation of  VALUE.

We help organizations reduce their leadership gap by assisting in the development of next generation leaders.  Our programs are proven to enhance team performance and productivity while putting a stop to customer attrition and employee turnover, the two most costly areas hindering business success. 

Our Masters are whole leaders who:

Lead Selves

Lead Family

Lead Business

VALUE Based Leadership

V (Validate)

Validate – to acknowledge and accept a person.

The first step to confirm one’s worth is to validate the person for who they are in that moment
Acknowledge their skills, natural behaviors, and weaknesses and accept them without an attempt to change

A (Appreciate)

Appreciate – to recognize the full worth of someone and their actions.

The greatest way to motivate someone forward is by offering appreciation or giving a compliment.
Receiving compliments offers a dopamine hit sending us on a quest for more which ultimately modifies behavior.

L (Listen)

Listen – to make an effort to hear something, specifically what one says.

One of the great gifts one can give another is to put aside all distractions and listen to others as they express thoughts, ideas, and stories.

The simple (or not so simple) act of pausing to hear demonstrates that you genuinely care.

U (Understand)

Understand – to perceive the intended meaning of what was said.

“Listen to what I mean, not what I say”
Understanding is what we all desire when we speak.

Leaders will gain fans for life when we do not respond based on the words said, but on the perspective received from the intended meaning

E (Empower)

Encourage –the process of allowing one’s influence to flow into another person and transferring the authority to take action.

The final step in leading with value is to encourage the person forward through coaching and sincere belief that they are capable. 

Each human will reach the bar that is set before them.  As leaders we must set the next bar in front and empower them to reach. 

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You are a candidate to be a master if…

You have more to offer

You know you have more to offer the world, but you feel frustrated and afraid that you’re missing your calling

You're not satisfied

You know what you are doing is not working and you’re not satisfied

You desire to leave a legacy

You understand that financial wealth is great, but your greater desire is to leave a lasting legacy to effect generations to come

You are willing to learn, stretch, & grow

You are aware that gap between average and excellent is the willingness to expand beyond your today


You are open

You accept that every person has a perspective from their life experience and has value as a contributor to team success

If this is you, welcome to the community.


What They Say

Scott was so amazing! He used his knowledge to show us how to prioritize and think outside of the box in a way that will help us grow! I loved every minute of it! Highly recommend!

H. Partney

Stop Clowning Around by Scott Holman was a great team building experience.  His course is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to engage and connect together by sharing work and home life experiences.  Scott was authentic, professional and a joy to be around.  Highly recommend his course!

R. Capehart

Scott brings an extraordinary amount of energy, creativity and passion to each of his sessions.  He allows one to regularly think “outside-the-box.”

J. Absolon

We hired Scott Holman, with Stop Clowning Around, to work with one of our teams for their ongoing development.  The in-person training session was on point for our needs, but the ongoing mastermind groups continued to reinforce their learning so that my team is now effectively implementing the concepts and continuing to grow on their own. 

T. Worthey
Brinks U.S.

“Scott provided an amazing atmosphere of openness that induced dialog and participation from some potentially reluctant team members.
After the conclusion of Scott’s time with staff, they continue to make connections with one another. This has been one of our most successful leadership programs to date.”

Jon Clark
SVP – Enterprise Risk Management
Lutheran Church Exchange Fund (LCEF)

Three Rings of Mastery

Life and career success can be achieved by mastering 3 key areas.


The Three Rings




Learning to lead in these three areas will ensure your success is no longer controlled by others as you become master of your show.

This complimentary course is a video series that will cover the three rings of mastery and share key areas of development for personal success.