The Stop Clowning Around Book

Stop Clowning Around now available!

Are you feeling underappreciated and uninspired in your career? Do you long to stand out and become the leader that you are meant to be?

Do something daring, dynamic, and different. Stop clowning around! Start utilizing these 10 essentials to unlock the secret advantages to success in the workplace…and in your life!

How do you go from being a pizza delivery guy to a nationally recognized top producer in your industry? You stop clowning around! In this comprehensive soft skills handbook for aspiring leaders, top-tier sales leader, Scott Holman, shows you how. Utilizing ten essential skills that Scott discovered on his own journey from college dropout to nationally recognized sales manager, Holman invites you on an adventure of integrating transformative attributes into your existing skill set…soft skills that can super-charge your work/life balance, your job satisfaction, and your career trajectory.

In Stop Clowning Around, Holman challenges you to become the person that you were always meant to be – a dynamic, daring, disciplined leader.



When LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner gave a keynote at Talent Connect 2018, he stated that from their poll of HR leaders, the greatest skills gap was not found in hard skills (the technical abilities you possess), but in soft skills (the relational abilities you possess.) These are skills that can be earned through repeated, real-life application.

Therefore, whether you are languishing in a dead-end job or being skipped over for the promotion that you have been longing for, with daring and determination, you can decide to change your future and build out the skills you need to succeed!

Scott Holman is passionate about helping young professionals grow in their influence and leadership. He invites you to join him in the adventure of unleashing your true potential in the workplace and becoming all that you are meant to be.