Connect 4 Communications

A course to uncover the vital communication skills that you WEREN’T taught in business school. 

Unlock the powerful communication system that will teach you to get your IDEAS NOTICED, to AVOID being OVERLOOKED, and to WIN in your life and career.

Can you relate?

Are your ideas consistently ignored or undervalued?

Are you passed over for promotions by less experienced colleagues?

Do you find yourself struggling to motivate your team, who seem indifferent to you?

Most business professionals work hard, only to find themselves chronically overlooked by company leaders and colleagues, leading to flat careers over time.

In this course, I teach professionals the vital communication skills that are necessary for gaining the attention and respect of their leaders and co-workers.

When business professionals can communicate effectively, they build strong relationships that lead to respect from others, financial success for themselves and their companies, and impactful, satisfying careers.

Hi. I’m Scott Holman.

I specialize in teaching under-appreciated business professionals the key communication skills needed to earn attention and respect in the workplace.

I know what it’s like to feel invisible. As a young man, I didn’t excel academically and I had ZERO family connections to give me a head start in life. 

I was alone. I knew if I wanted success, I’d have to figure it out for myself. 

 At first, I put all of my energy into working hard. After all, hard work is how we get ahead in life, right? At least that’s what I’d always heard.


But I found myself frustrated. I was trying to get ahead, yet I was repeatedly overlooked for promotions in favor of others who obviously weren’t working as hard as I was. I knew I had to be missing something.

And then one day, it hit me.

I began observing the people around me who were getting exciting promotions and rising in their careers. They worked hard, sure, but not as hard as me! Yet they were still getting noticed. Why?

One word—connection.

I noticed that these people seemed to be connected to the leaders making these decisions. They seemed to be friends. Sure, they were work colleagues, but beneath their surface relationship there was something more—a sense of connection and camaraderie with each other that I seemed to be missing out on. I felt like I was on the outside of a glass room looking in.

But I didn’t want to be an outsider anymore.

So rather than blame life for not being fair, I looked deeper and recognized that my colleagues were intentionally connecting and communicating with industry leaders so that when the time came, their ideas would be heard. I realized that it takes more than talent and hard work to get ahead in life.

It takes the intentional cultivation of quality communication.

Once I learned and applied these key communication secrets, my career accelerated, my sales soared, and opportunities began continuously flowing to me.

Now, I’m a top performing sales manager and leader in the security industry author of the professional growth book, “Stop Clowning Around,” and am a highly sought after John Maxwell Team certified Public Speaker and Coach.

I’m proud of my success, and I’ve worked very hard toward achievement in my professional life, but I could not have gotten where I am without the core communication skills that allowed me to build strong relationships with the people around me. Because these skills have proven so invaluable to me, I decided to translate them into a 4-Step Model to guide aspiring business professionals from office doormat to inspiring, competent leader.

I don’t want you to struggle the way that I did. If I had only mastered these skills at a younger age, I would have saved myself years of anxiety, stress, and work without results.

What You’ll Learn in this Course

In this short course, Connect 4 Communication, I’ll teach you about the following:


Your Core Communication Style

We all have our own unique styles of communication. I’ll teach you how to uncover yours so that you can use your natural strengths to forge solid bonds with your team. 

How to Build Connections

Increase productivity and fulfill your stated objectives by building strong relationships with your colleagues. Grow from a follower into a leader in your organization and climb the ladder of success.


How to Influence and Persuade

Use your communication strengths to create messaging that captivates your audience. Learn to craft a crystal clear message that will attract customers while also highlighting your professional value.

At Stop Clowning Around, I understand the struggles of business professionals who desire recognition as leaders in their fields. These professionals are often smart, talented, and incredibly driven—yet they become stagnant in their careers. Why?

The answer is found in communication skills. To be recognized as the leader that you truly are, you need to master the ability to connect with others. Until you do this, even your most brilliant ideas will be overlooked and ignored.

“But I should achieve success based on my hard work alone!” you may say. And I hear you—hard work counts for so much in our culture. But the piece of the puzzle that most people overlook is the fact that we are social creatures, and without excellent communication skills, we are like fish in separate tanks. We are aware of one another’s presence, but there’s a barrier between us preventing us from truly connecting.

Most people don’t understand the importance of forging a connection with others, nor do they understand the science behind human connection. Without this knowledge, you as an individual are at a disadvantage in your career. You can’t clearly explain yourself or your ideas, so you end up frustrated when you are chronically overlooked in favor of more outspoken or gregarious colleagues.

I believe that all humans can bring valuable ideas and unique gifts to the proverbial table, and I know how it feels to have meaningful insights that are never given a chance.
This is why I’ve created this course, to demonstrate the science backing up these skills that will put you in a position to effectively connect, communicate, and win with others.

Here’s how it works:


1. Sign Up for my Connect 4 Success Course


2. Take a DISC-based questionnaire to determine your communication style.

3. Follow my 4-Step System to learn how to cultivate authentic connections in the business world.

You’ll become an insider with influence, not an overlooked nobody. You’ll go from being just another cog in the wheel to a professional leader whose voice and vision is respected.

Are you ready?

If you want to be noticed by the higher-ups, increase your income, climb the ladder of professional success toward your goals and ambitions, and you want to be respected and trusted by others….

I’m your man.

If you’re ready to go from having your ideas overlooked to having your ideas heard, understood, and implemented, then you’re ready to learn my core communication skills.

Stop feeling frustrated with being overlooked at work. Learn to speak up, be heard and
noticed, and become a leader in your own right. Sign up for my “Connect 4 Communication” course and start the journey from office doormat to inspiring business leader. Grow from a follower into a leader in your organization and climb the ladder of success.