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At Stop Clowning Around, we help business owners, business leaders, and ambitious professionals develop & live out the skills they need to level up their business, grow their incomes, and succeed on their own terms.

We achieve this by following the proven “process of mastery” with our transformational programs. We base student learning on the 3 Rings of Mastery: Self-Mastery, Family Mastery, and Business Mastery.

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For Business Leaders

“Stop Clowning Around is becoming a go-to firm for business leaders looking to take their business to the next level by developing and transitioning leadership influence to the next generation of managers. John C. Maxwell states that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Scott Holman believes that leadership rises and falls on relationships. Without solid relationships, true growth and success cannot occur.”

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How Leadership Mastery Creates 

The Greatest Show On Earth

Did you ever go to the circus as a child?

Most of us will remember the buzz of excitement in the air and the smell of fresh popcorn as we entered the tent. Clowns and acrobats would dance, juggle, and entertain as we waited on the edge of our seats for the big show to begin…

We might have heard the roar of a lion, or an elephant’s trumpet from backstage. We were completely enthralled in anticipation of the surprises yet to come.

Suddenly, the lights dim.

The Ringmaster enters the arena.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…welcome…to the Greatest Show on Earth!”

With seemingly effortless finesse, he begins to conduct a symphony of performers – dancers, musicians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists, and exotic beasts.

Each act has its own job to perform while simultaneously harmonizing with the overall show.

The acrobats flip through the air.
The horses parade around the ring as their riders perform tricks.
The tigers jump through fiery hoops on command.

The Ringmaster, a true Master of his domain, skillfully directs this diverse group of individuals into a single, fantastical show that creates such delight that people want to see it again and again and tell all their friends about it.

This Master can be you!!

Become the Master

of Your Own Show

At Stop Clowning Around, we teach business & leadership mastery to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and ambitious professionals to lead themselves, their families, and their businesses in one harmonious show. When individuals are in control of the 3 Rings of Mastery, they are not only the Master of their own show, but the Master of their destiny, and their legacy.

What They Say


Scott was so amazing! He used his knowledge to show us how to prioritize and think outside of the box in a way that will help us grow! I loved every minute of it! Highly recommend!

H. Partney

Stop Clowning Around by Scott Holman was a great team building experience.  His course is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to engage and connect together by sharing work and home life experiences.  Scott was authentic, professional and a joy to be around.  Highly recommend his course!

R. Capehart

Scott brings an extraordinary amount of energy, creativity and passion to each of his sessions.  He allows one to regularly think “outside-the-box.”

J. Absolon

We hired Scott Holman, with Stop Clowning Around, to work with one of our teams for their ongoing development.  The in-person training session was on point for our needs, but the ongoing mastermind groups continued to reinforce their learning so that my team is now effectively implementing the concepts and continuing to grow on their own. 

T. Worthey
Brinks U.S.

“Scott provided an amazing atmosphere of openness that induced dialog and participation from some potentially reluctant team members.
After the conclusion of Scott’s time with staff, they continue to make connections with one another. This has been one of our most successful leadership programs to date.”

Jon Clark
SVP – Enterprise Risk Management
Lutheran Church Exchange Fund (LCEF)

Mastery Is Waiting For You.

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