Ring Masters Elite

$797.00 / month

Deep dive into content that produces real results. You’ll learn the skills needed to grow beyond your current success level in both business and life.

Scott will teach you must-know leadership skills that are vital for optimal growth as a leader, business owner, and individual. Don’t miss out on this chance to study the world’s most important business and leadership principles that will allow you to build a network of leaders to support your growth.

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Designed exclusively for business owners and executive leaders. Move beyond the success plateau by learning and implementing business growth strategies and networking with a strong support team of advisors that will take your organization to the next level.

All the benefits of Ring Masters:

  • The SECURITY of a directed and mentor-paced 12 month comprehensive leadership program, so you won’t get off track or lose interest.
  • 4-WEEK THEMED MODULES on Personal Performance & Leadership mastery. Learn how to become a better leader so you can help take your organization to the next level and maximize your competitive edge.
  • A WEEKLY GUIDED Q&A SESSION with Scott Holman and other group members to reinforce learning and build community with other ambitious business leaders. Unlike many personal development courses, Ring Masters offers regular person-to-person contact with your mentor and classmates--a vitally important element in your growth journey!
  • Access to the Ringmasters REMOTE LEARNING PLATFORM - so you can learn from anywhere in the world on your time!
  • Weekly ACTIVITIES and CHALLENGES to transfer learning to actionable knowledge. Practical application to move your business forward.
  • NETWORKING with other high-performing business leaders that you can grow with, partner with, and win with.


One-on-One Business Coaching

Monthly ONE-ON-ONE business coaching with Scott Holman, where you’ll receive the direct benefits of business advisor mentoring:

  • guidance from an experienced mentor
  • increased leadership confidence
  • learning to see your business with a fresh perspective
  • hearing ideas that challenge and invigorate you
  • applying external skills and expertise to your business

Networking Opportunities

Virtual and In-Person Networking Opportunities with other leaders.