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practical leadership skills & actionable strategies

When you join Ring Masters, you’ll learn practical leadership skills, actionable strategies to exceed company expectations, and get mentorship from established business leader, Scott Holman.

You’ll also get:


The SECURITY of a directed and mentor-paced 12 month comprehensive leadership program, so you won’t get off track or lose interest.


4-WEEK THEMED MODULES on Personal Performance & Leadership mastery. Learn how to become a better leader so you can help take your organization to the next level and maximize your competitive edge.


A WEEKLY GUIDED Q&A SESSION with Scott Holman and other group members to reinforce learning and build community with other ambitious business leaders. Unlike many personal development courses, Ring Masters offers regular person-to-person contact with your mentor and classmates--a vitally important element in your growth journey!


Access to the Ringmasters REMOTE LEARNING PLATFORM - so you can learn from anywhere in the world on your time!


Weekly ACTIVITIES and CHALLENGES to transfer learning to actionable knowledge. Practical application to move your business forward.


NETWORKING with other high-performing business leaders that you can grow with, partner with, and win with.

Where do you start?

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

-Herbert A. Simon

If you’re anything like I was starting out in my career, you’re eager to hit the ground running. You’re probably goal-oriented, driven, and excited to impact your company or organization to the best of your ability.

You’re ready to build your skills as a leader. You know that someday you’ll be in a position of influence, and you want to be prepared.

But when you think about how much personal development and leadership growth information exists out there, it can be tough not to get overwhelmed. In fact, the global personal development market was valued at more than $38 BILLION in 2019. That’s a LOT of “positive thinking.”

Do you know what usually happens to developing leaders who are eager to improve? I know, because I’ve seen it again and again.

They attend a seminar here, read a book there, and ultimately end up overwhelmed by the massive amount of advice floating around out there. They rarely transfer all that learning to actionable knowledge and habit.

Then, when they aren’t having as much of an impact on their organization as they intended, they become discouraged and wonder if “leadership” is really for them.

How is Ring Masters Different?

The Ring Masters program simplifies your learning path for you by cutting through all of the personal development fluff and offering you authentic, useful, and pragmatic lessons in personal growth.

Designed and led by Scott Holman, certified speaker, coach and transformational leadership development expert, this course offers:

  • easy content access via our digital educational platform
  • regular peer-to-peer communication and networking
  • concrete lessons with useful “how to” activities & challenges that you can begin using immediately to establish yourself as a leader in your company
  • mentorship from an established behavioral specialist & business leader who knows what corporations are looking for in leaders

Ring Masters Isn’t For Everyone

12 Month Committment

It’s true. And not everyone who applies to join Ring Masters will be approved. Why? Because Ring Masters isn’t a 3-hour mini course on Udemy that’s mostly full of tired leadership aphorisms and empty platitudes.

Ring Masters is a program that requires commitment. When you join, you’re signing up to be onboard for the entire 12 month program. Truthfully, it’s not unlike a college course that requires a similar long-term commitment.

But instead of completing a program with a piece of paper and nominal improvements in skills, Ring Masters graduates finish the program with an arsenal of leadership and business skills that are guaranteed to take their career to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in my Ring Masters course membership?

All Ring Masters students receive access to Scott Holman’s guided 12 month leadership course, a weekly Q&A session with Scott and other students, printed materials, and weekly challenges to transfer learning to mastery. The course covers 13 topics over the course of the year:

  • Personal Growth and Mastery
  • Clarity, Mindset, & Habit Change
  • Productivity & Focus
  • Relational Networking & Influence
  • Personal Responsibility & Ownership
  • Qualities of a Leader
  • Relational Leadership
  • Communication
  • Coaching and Empowerment
  • Sales & Persuasion
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Leading Crisis & Change
What is your refund policy?

Every student is welcome to a 100% refund with Stop Clowning Around’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Once the course begins, if you’re not satisfied, you’ll have 30 days to request a full refund for the course and your spot will be opened up for another student.

How often does a new course begin?

We start new sessions 4 times a year. If you’re interested in applying for the next session, click the link below.


What’s the difference between Ring Masters and Ring Masters Elite?

Both programs have similar content. However, we designed Ring Masters to appeal to professionals interested in growing their leadership skills, while Ring Masters Elite is geared toward business owners and executive leaders who feel stuck due to demands on their limited time but desire to leverage their resources and grow to new levels.

Your Instructor

About Scott Holmon

Scott Holman (MBA, Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant) is one of the world’s top up-and-coming leadership exerpets. Scott is the author of Stop Clowning Around, a comprehensive soft skills handbook for aspiring leaders. He is also a highly sought after John Maxwell Team-Certified Public Speaker and Coach. Through years of self-directed learning (along with plenty of mistakes!)

Scott has identified the requirements for building a successful life–both in business and at home. His mission is to help driven business leaders and aspiring professionals to become the leaders they are meant to be.

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