VALUE Preview

V (Validate)

Validate – to acknowledge and accept a person.

The first step to confirm one’s worth is to validate the person for who they are in that moment
Acknowledge their skills, natural behaviors, and weaknesses and accept them without an attempt to change

A (Appreciate)

Appreciate – to recognize the full worth of someone and their actions.

The greatest way to motivate someone forward is by offering appreciation or giving a compliment.
Receiving compliments offers a dopamine hit sending us on a quest for more which ultimately modifies behavior.

L (Listen)

Listen – to make an effort to hear something, specifically what one says.

One of the great gifts one can give another is to put aside all distractions and listen to others as they express thoughts, ideas, and stories.

The simple (or not so simple) act of pausing to hear demonstrates that you genuinely care.

U (Understand)

Understand – to perceive the intended meaning of what was said.

“Listen to what I mean, not what I say”
Understanding is what we all desire when we speak.

Leaders will gain fans for life when we do not respond based on the words said, but on the perspective received from the intended meaning

E (Encourage)

Encourage – to give support, advice, or confidence to someone.

The final step in leading with value is to encourage the person forward through coaching and sincere belief that they are capable. 

Each human will reach the bar that is set before them.  As leaders we must set the next bar in front and encourage them to reach.